Providing Seal Solutions

Our mission is to offer a local quality service with technical expertise backed by our partner whose knowledge and equipment is recognised in the international packaging market.

Our partner's manufacturing facility was established in 1987. They obtained ISO 9002 quality system in 2001 and supply products to the USA, Asia, and Australia.

Our aim is to offer local warehouse facilities, product samples, technical data, shorter delivery times and high-standard quality products backed by our partner.

We aim to assist you to find the most suitable seal at competitive prices in the form of reel and/or cut to size.

What kind of seal do you need?
Container materials?
Contents in the container (bottle)?
Filling temperature?
Conveyor speed under the induction coil (feet/minute)?
Seal construction required: One-piece
or Two-piece?
Type of seal required: True-weld or Peelable?
Liner form, roll, sheet or Pre-cut (Die-cut)?
Diameter & Thickness of liner?
Backing materials: Cardboard (food grade
or non food grade) or EPE foam?
Current Induction Unit?
Current liner specification
Estimated quantity